Author: dalai
November 15, 2015

Stories of Burkhan Khaldun

The Burkhan Khaldun mountain is part of the Khentii Mountainsin the Province of the same name in Mongolia. The primary reason why this mountain is so well known are the rumors that Genghis Khan or Chinghis Khan is believed to have been born here. The Burkhan Khaldun mountain is in the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area which was established in 1992. Although the mountain became a most significant location after Genghis Khan made it a powerful landmark by declaring it as a sacred place, folk lore suggests that the religious importance given to it dates further back.

Look back at the origin stories of the Mongols and the mountain makes an appearance at a key juncture in these tales. As per legend and folk lore, the blue- gray wolf, Borte Chono who was destined to carry out Heaven’s will camped in sight of the Burkhan Khaldun mountain with his wife. This is where they welcomed their firstborn son, Bat Tsagaan, whose later lineage included Genghis Khan. The mountain came to represent Genghis Khan’s authority and right to conquer and rule because it stood witness to the birth of his ancestor.

The birth of the Khan may be recorded in legends but what of his death at age 72? What happened to the remains of one of the most powerful men in history? The burial of Genghis Khan is the theme of many interesting theories and folk tales and this is enhanced by the fact that the actual burial site remains a secret until today. There have been many conjectures about where he was buried and many adventurers have explored various locations in a bid to unearth the burial site and hopefully, the vast treasure that many believe was buried with Genghis Khan.

Burkhan Khaldun

The Burkhan Khaldun mountain plays a part in some of the most intriguing stories about his burial. Many believe that Genghis Khan’s tomb is located on the top of this mountain. The mountain’s famous ‘Black Crown’, a structure that looks very like a dome, is believed to be an oovoo built over the tomb. Conjecture aside, even today, the burial site remains a secret, believed to be safeguarded by 50 families that were appointed as Darkhats or wardens of the truth. Just as the onlookers at Genghis Khan’s funeral procession were massacred to conceal the site of the tomb, it may be that the Darkhats continue to drive onlookers way or mislead them so that their lord may enjoy a restful after life in his burial place.