The average monthly temperature and precipitation in Ulaanbaatar , the capital of Mongolia

Months Normal Warmest Coldest Precipitation
January -24.6°C -15.6°C -26.5°C 0
February -20.6°C -11.4°C -24.1°C 0
March -9.8°C -2.0°C -15.4°C 0
April 0.3°C 8.3°C -5.8°C 2
May 8.9°C 16.8°C 2.7°C 3
June 14.6°C 21.6°C 8.3°C 9
July 16.6°C 22.7°C 11.2°C 11
August 14.7°C 21.5°C 9.3°C 13
September 7.3°C 15.6°C 2.2°C 4
October -1.1°C 6.8°C -6.0°C 2
November -13.2°C -4.4°C -16.2°C 1
December -21.9°C -13.7°C -23.8°C 1