Customizable Mongolia Tours - for Every Interest

At Discover Mongolia Tours, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect travel package. Combining our years of dedicated experience in the Mongolian travel industry, we have tailored over 40 tours that travel to all of the fascinating, off the beaten track corners of this exotic and historic land. We lovingly curate these packages and handpick each and every aspect of the travel experience. Our clients agree that the end result of all of our research and planning is incredibly special.

Have your say! Personalize your trip to Mongolia

But don’t just think we dictate where and when you should go on your Mongolian vacation experience! We encourage and empower you to have as much input into your holiday as possible, and to personalize your trip with a custom combination of tours and activities.

Live out your Mongolia travel dreams

This is the perfect time for you to live out your wildest travel dreams – why not try camel trekking across the Gobi Desert, with a visit round to the land of dinosaurs? Or perhaps you would prefer the excitement and fun of an adventure holiday with your family and friends in one of Mongolia’s spectacular national parks? If you are an avid history buff, why not try a tour of some of our monasteries, live with a nomad family and/or visit the birthplace of the legendary Genghis Khan? Better yet– combine all of these and go on the trip of a lifetime.