Terelj National Park

Where the nature is articulated in great combination of sheer granite mountains, open fields and river.

Visit local school

Volunteers will come to the local school to spend quality time with the WVIM Child Journalist Club children

Hustai National Park

Visiting at the Erdenezuu Monastery

Meeting with the WVIM Child Journalist Club children

9 Days
Starts from: 1118 USD
Group size : 4-12 people

Schedule 2019 & 2020

Mar 02 Mar 06
jun 18 jun 22 jun 25 aug 29
9-12 Pax: 1118 USD 5-8 Pax: 1187 USD
4 Pax: 1265 USD

It is the Best package tour for community travelers.This tour program is including Terelj national Park-Hustai-Elsentasarhai Sand dunes-Karakorum-Local Community.

Mongolia is the ultimate adventure destination in the sense of embracing all types of natural zones from sheer mountain ranges and ice glaciers to singing sand dunes and hot spring waters. Therefore, visit to the three main natural zones, and participate in a local community program that named "VISION NOMADS" which is organizing by World Vision International Mongolia (WVIM) are included in this trip.

Why choose this tour

  • Experience the Nomadic Culture
  • Be part of change in children’s lives
  • Participate in hands-on community projects at WVIM AP, such as supporting local business groups and involving in child sponsorship programs
  • Share expertise in activities such as photography, journalism, graphic design, video editing,agriculture, language instruction, art and craft and music etc.

Full itinerary

Day 1

​Terelj National park and Chinggis Khaan statue

After meeting in Ulaanbaatar, drive to Giant Chinggis Khaan statue. The statues in total is 40m high and see as far sighted Chinggis Khaan holds a golden whip in his right hand. Drive to Terelj National park (70km). You'll explore the extraordinary formation of rocks and stones; some of them look quite similar to turtles. Free horseback trial. Overnight in a tourist camp. (L+D)

Day 2

visit Elsentasarkhai sand dunes and camel riding day

Up early morning, drive to Elsen tasarkhai unique area of forest and sand dunes. After lunch in tourist camp, there is an opportunity for a camel ride trial through the sand dunes. We will visit a local horsemen family where you have an opportunity to experience their way of life, their culture and traditions. Overnight in a tourist camp. (B+L+D)

Day 3

Erdenezuu and Karakorum

After breakfast at the tourist camp, drive to Karakorum, the symbolic ruins of the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire. Visit Erdene-Zuu, the oldest monastery, with 108 stupas, built in 1586. Then visit Karakorum museum and see the Great Mongol state period, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ancient state period halls. Overnight in tourist camp by Orkhon River. (B+L+D)

Day 4

Volunteerism Day 1 Orientation.

After breakfast, WVIM staff will pick up guests and head to Arvaikhaar area where WVIM Area Programme office is located at. At the office, volunteers will be informed of security briefing guideline & orientation. Behavior protocol & other necessary documents will be signed. Lunch with the WVIM staff. After the orientation WVIM staff will introduce programmes in the area and show around the daily lives of local communities. Volunteers will be dropped off at the hotel for dinner.

After dinner, we offer optional trip to the WVIM supported herder families living in a Ger (Mongolian traditional yurt/housing) to experience the nomad herder lifestyle. Possible activities include, milking cows, goats, boiling milk, making yogurt, collecting animal dungs and quality time with the family.

Day 5

Volunteerism Day 2 Home visit to vulnerable families

After breakfast at the hotel, volunteers will be transported to the local school to spend quality time with the WVIM Child Journalist Club children: fun activities such as sharing stories and experiences. After lunch, volunteers will be transported back to WVIM office and will assist the Area Program local volunteers to do Home Visit to the vulnerable families. Home visit activities will include but not limited to collecting relevant data, giving away school kits to children for selected families. The purpose of Home Visit is to identify factors associated with the child’s environment, assess the community to identify families with vulnerable state and determine the social validity and effectiveness of the local Child Protection Program.

Day 6

Volunteerism Day 3 Summer Camp Volunteer Work!

This day will be spent at the local summer camp with the WVIM Registered Children (approximately 250 children). Children will spend 5 days at the local camp sponsored by WV where volunteers will help staff in preparing and engaging the camp programs, sharing with the children positive experience for 1 full day. Summer camp children are selected from the most vulnerable families living in poverty, threatened by social exclusion where some of the children experiencing summer camp for the first time. Thus, it is important the camp serves to provide psychosocial support for the children through various art activities, child rights program and youth welfare activities with the help of our volunteers.

Day 7

Volunteerism Day 4 Summer Camp Volunteer Work!

Another fantastic day to be spent with the children!

Note: If you are interested in volunteering with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details such as daily schedule and logistics.

Day 8

Volunteerism Day 5. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast, guide will give the volunteers an option to visit local monastery or riding a horse/camel or milk cows etc. After lunch, drive back to Ulaanbaatar (370km) and finish the trip.

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