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April 13, 2015


Lying at the very heart of Asia, Mongolia is breathtakingly beautiful. The Mongol Empire has always inspired us and this is something which comes to our thoughts immediately when we hear the word Mongolia.The fact that there are ‘n’ number of places which are a must watch in Mongolia but if you happen to fall short of time then this Mongolia travel guide will help you in narrowing your choices. Bayanhongor is the perfect place to start your tour from since this town speaks a lot about the Mongolian culture and one can enhance their knowledge too. Here, you will get to see amazing expanses of rolling steppe which is amazingly great!mongolia map, travel guide of mongolia If you are planning a trip to Mongolia for the first time, then the ideal places to visit in Mongolia are Altai Bogd National Park which is the country’s finest national park, Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve which is one of the greatest eco-tourism destinations in the land. Then there is Khustain Nuruu national park and undoubtedly this is the best place for people who love horses. You will be amazed to see the wild horses that have never been domesticated. Would you like to explore this adventure? Also, there is a very large lake which is also a world heritage site with the name Uvs Nuur Lake. Above all, The Gobi Desert is an addition to the beauty of Mongolia tourist detinations. Having seen all these places would imply that you have seen a greater part of Mongolia which is otherwise impossible. Often people come here and because of their unawareness about the famous tourist spots, they miss to explore the real beauty of Mongolia.

Are you acquainted with that fact that Mongolia is the 18th biggest country in the world and its vast size makes it the 6th biggest region in Asia? This makes it imperative of the fact that it is next to impossible to see every single place in a span of 7 or 10 days. Apart from the places discussed above, one can explore the Khangai mountains which appear like white chocolate fondue in the winter. Its immense beauty cannot be described in a mere few words, this is truly one of the best places which makes you feel the real beauty of nature. To the south of Mongolia, there is a broad valley where locals like to hang out inside the spring. Exploring this valley can also be fun. For anyone looking for something different, the Tran Siberian Railway tours are an excellent vacation idea. The best part about these tours is that they offer so much Russian as well as Chinese history by letting you travel through the most important routes and places. This is one of a kind vacation that is sure to give you memories you will cherish for years to come. So what are you waiting for? If your busy schedule is making you frustrated, you certainly need a break and what else could a better vacation that a trip to Mongolia!