Yuey Tan /Central Mongolia Highlights ( 07/24/2016-07/29/2016 ) /

-OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Excellent; Tour guide's knowledge is nothing short of amazing. We have been very lucky! Drivers driving also amazing . He did a great job. ( Guide Boldo; Driver Bayara )
From: Singapore

Wynter.D /Taste of Mongolia Tour (06/16/2016-06/23/2016 )/

-OVERALL EXPERIENCE: -I got so much more than I could have ever imagined. other comments had written on the feedback paper! THE GER CAMP (Yurta) STAYS: need improvement in karakorum; Favorites: Ugii lake, Terelj NP, Elsen Tasarkhai,Okay: Khustai. Overall the ger stays were really very pleasant. It would have been nice to stay at some gers for more than one night. The food was delicuous. GUIDE SERVICE: -We could not asked for a more pleasant tour guide (Gantul), she was so kind and full of information. She was always very accommodating and modern. That we were always comfortable. Wynter
From: USA

Kamila Kielar / MONGOLIA KARAKORUM AND GOBI TOUR ( 06/14/2016-06/23/2016)/

GUIDE & DRIVER SERVICE: - Khishi is a great guide, very flexible and she is taking care of everything. Also, we had great drivers. -HIGHLIGHTS: Bayanzag, sand dunes, nomad, family story. Ger camp at Ongi. hustai with geoligist . OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Excellent; -Kamila
From: Poland

Loanna Lampropoulou /Mongolian South Gobi 4days ( 06/12/2016-06/15/2016 )/

OFFICE PERFORMANCE: -Some misunderstanding with the no of people Joining, which costed extra, but managed to resolve quickly. THANK YOU OYUNAA! - HIGHLIGHTS: - camel tour & climbing the sand dunes. GUIDE & DRIVER SERVICE: - Excellent service, very helpful & friendly tour guide & driver. Overall vert good experience , will recommend. Loanna
From: Greece (EU )

Arpakorn Kumpanon /Taste of Mongolia tour ( 06/02/2016-06/08/2016 )/

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Excellent; HIGHLIGHTS: horse back+Camel back riding; nomadic family visit, museums , monasteries.. Thank you Margad & ZORA for taking good care of us. We appreciate & enjoy the trip very much. Arpakorn
From: USA

Gillian Page /4 DAY GOBI TOUR (5/18/2016-5/21/2016)/

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: - It was all wonderful but the camel ride was the highlight. It was good to do unexpected things example: watching camels wool being shorn.OFFICE PERFORMANCE:- Very pleased with the information, help, suggestions, etc. for our trip . All Communication was quick and the organization very efficient. thank you Oyuna.GUIDE SERVICE:- A wonderful guide who has such a love for, and knowledge of her country. She is kind , considerate and takes a lot of care.DRIVER & VEHICLE SERVICE:- Our driver was excellent, very considerate knowledgeable vehicle very comfortable.We will never forget the wonderful time you gave us in the Gobi Desert. Gillian.
From: United Kingdom

Kim Shaw /Following in the footsteps of Ghengis Khan - Horse trek/

My friend & I had the most incredible holiday when we booked a tour called Following in the footsteps of Ghengis Khan, it was a horse trek which is the only way to do it, we slept in tents which were put up for us, all our meals were prepared for us, it was fantastic I would do it call over again, the little horses were great, the people we met were so friendly, we were invited unto gurs, shown around, made to feel so welcome. If you want an unforgettable holiday, contact Discover Mongolia, they tailor made ours for us, can't speak highly enough of them and I am a seasoned traveller who does not praise unless it is totally reserved. Our guide and all the support staff could not do enough for us. Book this tour, you won't regret it. Kim Shaw
From: Australia

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