Yuey Tan /Central Mongolia Highlights ( 07/24/2016-07/29/2016 ) /

-OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Excellent; Tour guide's knowledge is nothing short of amazing. We have been very lucky! Drivers driving also amazing . He did a great job. ( Guide Boldo; Driver Bayara )
From: Singapore

Wynter.D /Taste of Mongolia Tour (06/16/2016-06/23/2016 )/

-OVERALL EXPERIENCE: -I got so much more than I could have ever imagined. other comments had written on the feedback paper! THE GER CAMP (Yurta) STAYS: need improvement in karakorum; Favorites: Ugii lake, Terelj NP, Elsen Tasarkhai,Okay: Khustai. Overall the ger stays were really very pleasant. It would have been nice to stay at some gers for more than one night. The food was delicuous. GUIDE SERVICE: -We could not asked for a more pleasant tour guide (Gantul), she was so kind and full of information. She was always very accommodating and modern. That we were always comfortable. Wynter
From: USA

Kamila Kielar / MONGOLIA KARAKORUM AND GOBI TOUR ( 06/14/2016-06/23/2016)/

GUIDE & DRIVER SERVICE: - Khishi is a great guide, very flexible and she is taking care of everything. Also, we had great drivers. -HIGHLIGHTS: Bayanzag, sand dunes, nomad, family story. Ger camp at Ongi. hustai with geoligist . OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Excellent; -Kamila
From: Poland

Loanna Lampropoulou /Mongolian South Gobi 4days ( 06/12/2016-06/15/2016 )/

OFFICE PERFORMANCE: -Some misunderstanding with the no of people Joining, which costed extra, but managed to resolve quickly. THANK YOU OYUNAA! - HIGHLIGHTS: - camel tour & climbing the sand dunes. GUIDE & DRIVER SERVICE: - Excellent service, very helpful & friendly tour guide & driver. Overall vert good experience , will recommend. Loanna
From: Greece (EU )

Arpakorn Kumpanon /Taste of Mongolia tour ( 06/02/2016-06/08/2016 )/

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Excellent; HIGHLIGHTS: horse back+Camel back riding; nomadic family visit, museums , monasteries.. Thank you Margad & ZORA for taking good care of us. We appreciate & enjoy the trip very much. Arpakorn
From: USA

Gillian Page /4 DAY GOBI TOUR (5/18/2016-5/21/2016)/

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: - It was all wonderful but the camel ride was the highlight. It was good to do unexpected things example: watching camels wool being shorn.OFFICE PERFORMANCE:- Very pleased with the information, help, suggestions, etc. for our trip . All Communication was quick and the organization very efficient. thank you Oyuna.GUIDE SERVICE:- A wonderful guide who has such a love for, and knowledge of her country. She is kind , considerate and takes a lot of care.DRIVER & VEHICLE SERVICE:- Our driver was excellent, very considerate knowledgeable vehicle very comfortable.We will never forget the wonderful time you gave us in the Gobi Desert. Gillian.
From: United Kingdom

Kim Shaw /Following in the footsteps of Ghengis Khan - Horse trek/

My friend & I had the most incredible holiday when we booked a tour called Following in the footsteps of Ghengis Khan, it was a horse trek which is the only way to do it, we slept in tents which were put up for us, all our meals were prepared for us, it was fantastic I would do it call over again, the little horses were great, the people we met were so friendly, we were invited unto gurs, shown around, made to feel so welcome. If you want an unforgettable holiday, contact Discover Mongolia, they tailor made ours for us, can't speak highly enough of them and I am a seasoned traveller who does not praise unless it is totally reserved. Our guide and all the support staff could not do enough for us. Book this tour, you won't regret it. Kim Shaw
From: Australia

Mr. Grzegorz Golembski -2015.08.15

Tour guide Boldoo, called "B" was fantastic-nothing was too much trouble for him. -His love of his country & his knowledge made this one of the most enjoyable tours I've been on. AMAZING!,Driver Otgoo-smiled all the time, Was always helpful & polite. A great driver-dont know how he finds his way around!. /POLAND/

Ms. Julia McLachlan

Thanks for really good holiday. I have learnt a lot & will certainly encourage friends & other I meet to come & visit your beautiful country. / from Australia,2015 /

Ms. Tuula Posti,

Baira is just excellent and safe driver and the car was comfortable even off-roads, very patient with good sense of humor. I will give the tour 5 stars :) . Could not be happier thinking all what we have seen, done and experienced . Ms. Tuula Posti, from Finland in 2015

​->Ms. Gaye Frisby,from USA:

Tour guide Jack-Jangar, knowledgablle, funny , witty. This man ran the games !! Driver was great! Beyond Expectations

​->Ms. Jillian Dislers, Ms. Lynnette Hollow,Ms. Nadene Esposito :

Oyunaa,Tegi were prompt to answer all enquires. -NEW WEBSITE much improved. WE had a great time . WE <3 love MONGOLIA.

->Ms. Janice Starck, from Australia:

-> Zorigoo, Nymlai, Nandia, Altanbayar / Batkhuyag: Excellent navigation of really difficulty road as lack of roads. always keeping the car clean & window clean . coniduate supply of water too.


Always safe & on time! Mr. John Daddow from Australia.

​Private tour Taste of Mongolia 14-21 AUG:

Hi Oyuna.I'd have to say we had a great tour, really with no problems at all, we had a great driver Zorigo & Boggi was an excellent guide. In my view Boggi really made the difference with her friendly, outgoing & obliging manner & I'd like to commend her to your manager and advise what a real asset you have in her. Please give our best regards to Boggi & Zorigo and thanks to all for a great tour !! Cheers Allan & Sarah Kelly New Zealand


To all at Discover Mongolia...I should just like to say that this has been one of the best tours I have ever been on. As one who likes open spaces and natural countryside this could not be bettered. The mix of locations and Ger camps you use show the country to full advantage. Every day brought something new, beautiful and really interesting. Thank you all for a marvelous experience. UK, Aug, 2010

​Chris Deeley

Dear TuvshinbatI would just like to give you some feed back from our recent 15 day tour of Mongolia.(12-26) We had a fabulous time. Our guide (Bolgor) and driver (Uscar) were wonderful; they were friendly, very helpful and went out of their way to make our trip the best it could be. They were a major factor in making our visit a success, with many wonderful memories. Some of the people in our group were sometimes unreasonably difficult and demanding, and made things unpleasant for our guide. We were very sad to see this happening. I would like you to know that we (Jan Watt and myself) were very happy with the tour and we are even planning on returning in the future. I would also like you to pass on a message to Gom( he picked us up on the our return to UB), we forgot to give him a tip!! We are so sorry as he did a great job, talking about the city and taking us around for the day. Please pass on our apologizes. Thanks again New Zeland. July, 2010

​Ba Can

Dear Mr Tuvshinbat,Thank you for your mail. We arrived in Vietnam yesterday midnight. Everybody were happy and satisfied with the trip. This trip we combine 4 more days in Beijing. About the Mongolia section, all the thing were smooth as we planned, except the delaying of the CA flights to and from UB. But after we arrange to take the group back to UB for 1 more attraction (King Palace) and have a hotpot lunch, and the hotel refreshment, everybody were happy then. The driver and local guide are very nice and helpful, although the guide can not speak Vietnamese fluently. To stay in Ger 1 night is very interesting, I'm sure the guests have got exciting experience about that! While the Tuushin hotel is quite uncomfortable although the location is OK. Light went out on the first day we came, hot water in bath room not enough, dusty ... Hope the hotel would be better next time or we prefer to look for another equal hotel. The itinerary was carried out completely with good timing. Thank you for your kind cooperation. Do hope we would have fruitful cooperation in the near future to further destinations of Mongolia! With best regards, Vietnam. April, 2010

Bayarlalaa, Christoph Klojda

Dear Oyunaa, Now that things have calmed down a little since returning home, I wanted to thank you for your patience and assistance in organizing my recent tour of Mongolia. It was an excellent experience, and an amazing country to spend some time in learning about the people and the culture. I would also like to pass on my thanks to both Lagshmi and Dovchin. They are both wonderful people, took too good care of me and helped make the experience extra special. Please pass my thanks onto them. While it may be a long time off, I look forward to visiting Mongolia again in the future. When that happens, I will definitely look for Discover Mongolia's assistance again. Please keep my information on hand if anyone is requesting referrals. Christoph Klojda ,USA.

Most sincerely, Lisa Pearl

Dear Oyunaa, We had a lovely tour with Dawa and Nanida. We enjoyed every minute of their company. Dawa was very knowledgeable and gave us a meaningful appreciation for Mongolian history, culture, and land. I wonder if you could pass along this email to her because I never got to thank her in person. I got rushed into our hotel to confirm our reservation. USA. Sep, 2011


Dear Oyunaa, We have left Mongolia and are now in Jeju Island, South Korea. I just want to write this to thank you again for your kind help while we were in Mongolia. Also we appreciated very much the nice assistance and great companionship of the tour guide and driver during our very short trip in Mongolia. Your honesty and willingness to help really impressed us. We will speak highly of your company and will send our friends your way should they decide to visit Mongolia in the future. All the best. USA. Sep, 2011

All the best. Regards Tony (and Terry)

Hi Oyunaa Been back in the UK a few weeks now and finally got up straight with work so just wanted to drop you a line to say Thank You for your help during our visit to Mongolia, much appreciated UK. Aug, 2011

G. and L. Doel.

Dear Oyunaa, Dear Oyunaa, My wife and me really enjoyed our trip to Central Mongolia. Everything was going in easy and comfortable way. Guide and driver have always taken care about us so we can see a lot of cultural things. Also, it was very nice to meet you in your office. German. Aug, 2011

Deborah Higgs

Hi Tuvshinbat I just wanted to write to you and thank you and Discover Mongolia for the wonderful trip and time we spent in Mongolia. Everything was perfect - and Mungu our guide, and Zogi - our driver was key to the success of our trip. We will definitely be recommending travelling to Mongolia, and Discover Mongolia Tours to all our friends! And we are already planning our next trip one day!! Thank you once again for your excellent service. New Zealand.

Jean KIM

Dear Mr. Tuvshinbat, Thank you for your wonderful arrangement for the Nadaam Festival and Gobi Desert Tour. We had a wonderful time visiting very remote parts of Mongolia and when we compared our experience with others who had gone with other tour companies, we were sure that we had made the right choice. The tour guide and drivers for the Gobi Desert part of the tour were particularly helpful and accommodating to people's special needs. Our last day, the tour guide who was a university student was extremely helpful in explaining the cultural sights of Ulan Bator's museums. The Natural History museum and National Museums should always be included as "must-see" stops of the City tour as well as the Gandan Monastery. Jean KIM , UK. July,2014

Best regards! Alicja Lukowska

Hi! This is Alicja - the polish tour leader from Logos Travel. I'd like appreciate the Mongolian tour guide I was working with 17-21 Jul. He has a huge knowledge about the country, his history and culture. Was able to plan the sightseeing and other program points very professional. The work with him was a great pleasure! Thank you for the collaboration! Poland. July, 2011

Armand and Aline Bachofner

Dear Mr. Tuvshinbat, My daughter and I have safely returned home after an excellent time spent in Mongolia. Discover Mongolia Travel We have been impressed with the professionalism of your organization. Your website is excellent; the people we have dealt with have been of great help, on time and friendly. We will recommend your organization to anyone interested in visiting Mongolia. We were impressed with the professionalism and maturity of our 19 year old guide Lagshimi. She did an excellent job. We also very much enjoyed Terelj National Park tour with Bayarjargal as a guide. She is an extremely competent and joyful person whom we appreciated very much. Both the Chinggis Khan Statue and the Live Museum are very interesting sites that we would not have wanted to miss. It was a very enjoyable and interesting day. Switzerland.

Michael Plavsic -DMT with naadam

Hello Tuvshinbat. It has been a week since I came back from Mongolia (ref. Discover Mongolia Tour and Naadam Festival - 17 days, July 1 - 17). I am not sure if you are into receiving feedback from your visitors but you could at least forward this email to someone else in Discover Mongolia if required (e.g. Tour Operator). In short I had a wonderful trip; all the credits to the Discover Mongolia crew headed by Mugu the guide and nicely followed by the drivers Amra, Bagi and Dovchin. Say hi to them all. The group we traveled with was also very nice. Thanks again for your efforts to arrange everything for me. It's been a great experience. I will be back in Mongolia. Canada. July 2011


Hi Oyunaa. Back from my trip. Had a great time there in Mongolia and the Discover Mongolia folks were great. I really, really hope to get to come back some day. John ,from USA. June 2014

Monika Misslbeck-Slote HOTEL

Dear Oyunaa, Thank you so much for upgrading my hotel. The room was very comfortable. Miss Hishi and the driver, Mr. Damdin, were very good companions and I learned a lot from Miss Hishi. Also, the trip to the South Gobi was a wonderful experience. It was very well organized. Thanks a lot. I will definitely recommend your travel agency! German. June, 2011

Discover Mongolia trip 24June-08July:

Sain baina uu Dear Oyunaa We have now returned to Australia after the most wonderful holiday in Mongolia. It was truly the holiday of my dreams, and Neil enjoyed every minute of it as well. Our thanks go to you and your crew, especially Jangar (jack) our guide - the best guide in Mongolia, and of course our most experienced driver Batbaatar. We have recommended your tour company to our friends and we hope that they will make contact with you and enjoy your country like we did. If it is possible, could you pass jack's email address on to us? We would also like to thank Doogii who met us on our arrival. Even though we only had a short time with her for dinner that evening, she was a lovely person and we had no trouble communicating with her. On our last day, we were met by Ena. Unfortunately we were all extremely tired and could not participate in the city tour that was planned, as we had been up very early that morning leaving from the lake, and had spent the day travelling and were desperately in need of a rest. We enjoyed a meal with Ena and our driver and they were both very good company. We are now reflecting on our trip and enjoying our many photos. Thank you once again for all your help to ensure that this was truly the best holiday we have ever had. Best wishes, Neil and Mary Hamer Australia.

Private -small group tour July:

Dear Oyunaa, We just returned home from our delightful trip to Mongolia. We thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate your organizing it. Our guides: Dawaa in Ulaanbaatar, and Bossy in the Gobi were exceptional and competent. The drivers also were the best. We loved the Naadam Festival and the events and all the sights we saw. The country is beautiful with all the green grass, and the people are very nice. We had a wonderful time and you certainly may use us as a positive reference. Thanks again, Robert USA

Beauty of Mongolia trip

Beauty of Mongolia trip with Naadam Festival 05-18July: Hello Oyunaa, Greetings from Los Angeles, California. I am safely home. It was indeed a wonderful trip with many new experiences even for a well-travelled person like me. The landscape of Mongolia is quite unique and the people so nice and hospitable. All our drivers and tour guides exemplify the best of the Mongolian people and they added much to our enjoyment, comfort and safety. Thank you for offering such a tour package, we will never forget our trip there. Sincerely yours, Teresita USA.

Private tour Beauty of Mongolia 06-17June:

Private tour Beauty of Mongolia 06-17June: Hi Oyuna. I'd have to say we had a great tour, really with no problems at all, we had a great driver Zorigo & Boggi was an excellent guide. In my view Boggi really made the difference with her friendly, outgoing & obliging manner & I'd like to commend her to your manager and advise what a real asset you have in her. Please give our best regards to Boggi & Zorigo and thanks to all for a great tour !! Cheers Allan & Sarah Kelly New Zealand. 2012

Private tour 08-14July:

Private tour 08-14July: Hi Oyuna. I would like to let your company know that we had a great time in Mongolia. Our tour guides, Norka and Sethna, were wonderful! Our drivers, Bayra and Batir, were great. We learned a lot about your beautiful country and were happy that we decided to take this vacation. We are both glad we used your company for our tours. Thank you! Ludy and Daisy USA. 2012

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