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September 13, 2012


Located on China’s northernmost tip, Inner Mongolia is a beautiful region inhabited by the Mongolians, and mostly comprises of deserts, grasslands, the Yellow River and forests. With its exciting long history and lovely unique culture, the exotic region proves to be a rich resource for tourists as they can enjoy the Mongolian way of life. Since the region is part of a temperate continental and monsoon climate, it is best to visit the place in summer. During the other seasons, the temperatures drop quite low and are accompanied by blizzards. It is always best to carry comfortable clothing and walking shoes when you visit the region, along with other necessary accessories. While in Inner Mongolia there are quite a number of places you go to enjoy your holiday.

Relax on the mesmerizing Grasslands
The region houses quite a few beautiful pastures such as Gegentala. Xilamuren, Huitengxile, Ordos and Jinlianchuan Grasslands. The grasslands are the best place to spend the summer in the entire region as it provides tourists with a place to appreciate and applaud the beautiful scenery. You can stay as guests in the herdsman’s house and learn the manners and customs of the Mongolian lifestyle.

Choose an ox cart or ride on a horse/camel to look at the pastures. Practice archery and do many more fun things while lounging in these lush pastures. Don’t forget to attend the fun bonfire parties in the evenings, which include dancing and singing.
Trail Genghis Khan and Kublah Khan
You can learn more about the Mongolian rulers who have contributed to the interesting past of Mongolia and the Yuan Dynasty. The mausoleum of Genghis Khan in this place remains till date to be a sacred and significant place to the locals.
Unwind yourself on the sands in Mongolia
The region plays home to beautiful large deserts that stretch far and wide across the land. Badain Jaran is the largest desert of the region and is easily accessible from all the Mongolian cities, the Gobi desert has a gorge called as Resonant Sand Gorge, which is filled with sand dunes and is a famous tourist spot. Hired vehicles and organized tours are regularly conducted in order for the tourists to visit these vast deserts. In the deserts are hidden crystal clear, mirror-like lakes, where water activities such as sailing on yachts, motorboat racing, water biking, fishing and many others are held. Tourists can also enjoy and unwind themselves by enjoying sand activities such as paragliding, sand sliding, volleyball, hot air balloon rides and horse/camel riding. Apart from this, tourists can visit the temples, lamaseries, local museums and fairs, along with enjoying the exotic cuisines. Visitors must definitely go shopping when in Inner Mongolia and take home hand-made souvenirs to remind them of the lovely experience.