Discover Mongolia Travel has established a charity foundation named the “5 Finger Foundation” as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

The foundation operates responsible tourism by helping those in need and preserving the Mongolian culture, environment, and its people. Your donation will directly fund the Foundation to bring positive change for those who need our help.

The 5 Finger Foundation plans to implement the “5-Finger Project” which has five divisions focused on specific topics:

1. Human rights – Help disabled children improve their confidence and provide necessary materials & equipment
2. Education – Offer University Scholarship to low income students from remote countryside of Mongolia
3. Health – Help as blood donor. The Discover Mongolia Team will donate blood that will help save lives. You can be a hero like us!
4. Environment – Help endangered animals such as the snow leopard, mazaalai, takhi, taimen, wild sheep, Ibex
5. Culture – Arts & crafts and Intangible Cultural Heritage. Help Tsaatan nomads for prepare for Winter.

Projects we have been implemented

  • In 2014, we surprised more than 30 children of the Gunt Childcare Center, one of WVM’s (World Vision Mongolia) childcare centers in Ulaanbaatar, along with their teachers with a circus show as part of their Christmas Celebration. Remarkably, it was the first time for most of them to experience a live circus show.
  • In 2016, we provided the Disabled Children’s Care Center in Khentii, one of WVM’s childcare centers, with kitchen appliances including refrigerator, oven, meat grinder, mixer and rice cooker. We wanted the children to have the means to store fresh food and prepare healthy meals and fresh food.
  • Health: We have been blood donors since 2014. It is now our custom to donate blood every year especially during July when there is the highest demand for blood donation. It is our way to encourage the tourism industry to do the same.

PROJECT 2018-2019:

Education Allowance / University Tuition Sponsorship / Grant

Mongolia is the 18th largest country with a population of 3 million. About 30 percent of the people live as nomadic lifestyle, herding their animals. There are huge differences in economic and educational development between the capital city and countryside. This influences local graduates from studying at the top universities in the country. Unfortunately, even if they get a high university entrance exam score, enrollment is not possible due to financial issues. (1 year tuition fee is 1000 USD.)

We started this project to fund 4-year tuition fee for 2 school graduates from remote Khovd province. We believe educated and skilled citizens are the key to local development. We will implement this project with local village high school. The winner of the scholarship will be selected based on 2 main criteria: entrance exam score for top university and level of the family poverty.

Why not join our project and be a responsible traveler and a warm-hearted hero?

We will make regular reports of project implementation and outcomes throughout the reporting period to all our supporters. By September 2018, we will announce our first student who will win the scholarship.

Children are the future. Let’s make the future brighter together by donating to their education.

Please let us know if you want to support social responsibility and the children and are willing to donate a small amount of money (5-50 USD).

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