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April 14, 2015

The Gobi

The great Mongolian Gobi has High Mountain, springs, forests, sands, steppes and rich animal kingdom. The Gobi is occupying 30 percent of the country's vast territory and stretching from east to the west through southern part of Mongolia, has total of 49 mammals, 15 reptiles, 1 amphibians, and 160 bird's species and its plant kingdom comprises over 400 species including many valuable medicinal, fodder and decorative plants. Its numerous rare animal species include argali sheep, ibex, snow leopard, lynx, wild ass, gazelles, saiga, wild Bactrian camel and Gobi bear, just to name few. The Go bi is not single notion.

There are 33 different types of Gobi in Mongolia, of which sandy dessert occupies only 3 percent of mountain range lies within the territory of Gobi Altai and South Gobi aimags. The Gobi is land of extremes: decent rain falls only every two or three year; it can be well over 40'c during summer and below -40'c in winter, and storms of dust and sand are fearsome in spring. The very few lakes, such as Orog nuur and Buun Tsagaan Nuur are starting to permanently dry up, but underground springs provide the vital water. The Gobi is very sparsely populated, but the desolate landscape is home to the gazelle, khulan wild ass and Bactrian desert bear - The Gobi bear. The appropriately named Dessert Warbler and the Saxaul Sparrow hide in the saxual shrub, the only species of shrub which can flourish in the Gobi.