Author: dalai
April 06, 2018

Haven’t Been to Mongolia?
Here’s What You’ve Been Missing

Mongolia is a secret haven with so much to offer to everyone. Its untouched and beautiful sceneries show nothing but perfection to the eyes. With its rich culture and heritage, surely, traveling to Mongolia is all the more meaningful. And to make this trip your once in a lifetime travel experience, here are things that you are about to explore:

1. You Can Enjoy Your Own Private Time

Mongolia’s vast expanse is 3 times that of France, but its population is only less than 5% of UK. Apparently, only 1 in 3 people lives in its city. Mongolia ranks #3 in the least crowded countries of the world after Greenland and Falkland islands.

If you’re looking for a serene place far from the busy streets of the metro and the noise of rushing vehicles, Mongolia is definitely the place to be.

2. The Scenery is Simply Breathtaking

By natural parks,” Mongolians mean paradise. Mongolia is privileged to be surrounded by varied landscapes and rich steppes. It has a couple of UNESCO heritage sites such as Orkhon Valley which is home to architectural ruins from way back.

The Gobi Desert, famous for being the fifth largest desert in the world, provides a home for the exciting collections of both dinosaur fossils and eggs. It is also home to infinite sand dunes formations and rich oases which surprisingly have plant harvests of its own.

Lake Khuvsgul, more popularly tagged as the “Dark Blue Pearl” is a freshwater lake surrounded by beautiful pine trees and unspoiled meadows which are home to wildlife such as reindeer and yaks.

This list goes on and on, but the beauty of Mongolia’s scenery will never run out of surprises for every tourist.

3. You Can Have a Worry-Free Vacation

Worried about possible security threats? Fret no more. Mongolia is one of the safest countries to travel around the globe. Its crime rate is below the US average. Also, Mongolia has zero tolerance for drunk drivers.

Air travel to this country is considered safe, with no reports of terrorist threats. For traveling inside the country, marked taxi cabs are also safe and reliable. Instances of political violence or civil unrest are also uncommon.

4.You Can Learn from the Locals

Interestingly, approximately half of Mongolia’s population are nomads up to this day, with an open door policy. Meaning, they set up their camps without fences. Locals have learned to survive changing weather conditions with this lifestyle.

In addition, locals spend much of their time taking care of their animals such as horses, sheep, and goats. In fact, they are still herding about more than 60 million animals since most of the population live in rural areas. But even in the urban downtown, they still live comfortably in tents with modernized equipment.

5. It Will Take You Back in Time

For history enthusiasts, and for everyone who would love to travel, it’s always exciting to learn about the history of the area you visited. Mongolia is the home of Genghis Khan who, from humble beginnings, built the largest land empire in history. He allowed his people to enjoy the freedom of religion, destroyed the system of torture, and encouraged trade between nearby countries. This heritage is still celebrated richly by Mongolians.

So the next time you think of a possible destination for your vacation, be sure to include Mongolia on your bucket list. Contact Discover Mongolia Travel today to plan out your itinerary. Don’t miss out this experience of a lifetime that you’ve been waiting for!