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Uvurkhangai Weather & Forecast

The average monthly temperature and precipitation in Arvaikheer, the capital of Uvurkhangai
Temperature Precipitation
Months Normal Warmest Coldest Normal
January -14.7C -8.5C -20.0C 0
February -13.0C -6.4C -18.6C 0
March -6.6C 0.1C -12.4C 1
April 1.3C 8.6C -4.9C 1
May 9.2C 16.4C 2.6C 3
June 14.0C 21.0C 7.7C 6
July 15.3C 21.4C 10.0C 11
August 13.9C 20.1C 8.4C 9
September 8.4C 15.2C 2.7C 3
October 1.4C 8.2C -4.3C 1
November -7.1C -1.0C -12.6C 0
December -12.8C -6.7C -18.2C 0

Weather forecast for province In Mongolia

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