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The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest continuous rail line on earth. The total distance by rail from Beijing to St Petersburg, Russia is 7925 km.
The famous railway route runs between Moscow - Ulaanbaatar - Beijing. You can start your trip at any of these three completely different cultures. Or you may wish to combine train and air travel when visiting Mongolia, for example, some visitors arrive by train from Moscow or Beijing and then return by air.

The choice of itinerary is yours and here at Discover Mongolia, we are able to make these choices a reality by providing rail tickets to either destination to or from Ulaanbaatar.
The journey from Ulaanbaatar to Moscow by train takes about 5 days and from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing takes about 32 hours. On the journey, you are able to visit Irkutsk to see the beautiful Lake Baikal.

Each train has a choice between the 2nd class 4-berth compartments (kupi) and 1st class 2-berth compartments (spalny wagon or 'SV') as well as a restaurant. Tickets can only be purchased 1 month in advance. Discover Mongolia are happy to purchase your rail tickets to following destinations. Please send your inquiry by filling out form in right side of this page.

First class Second class
Traveling by train is one of the best options available because they stop at many small stations and one can experience what the ‘real’ Mongolia is like while traveling by them. mongolian train Beijing, Moscow, Ulaanbaatar
Brian Rooney
"Dear Oyunaa,
We are now back home again after our delightful short holiday in Mongolia. We thought the country absolutely beautiful and I am only sorry we did not have time to see more of it, and we were very grateful for the friendliness of all the people we met. The Naadam Festival was most impressive, and we loved the horse racing. "
from USA
Judy Jackson
"Hello Oyunaa
The tour was wonderful. Everything worked out fine and just as planned. I will be happy to recommend Discover Mongolia and we plan to come back again next year! My only suggestion is that we should have had a four wheel drive vehicle for Elsen Tasarhai. We had a little problem in the sand and could not drive everyplace. The guides were great, especially Hishi in UlaanBataar, and the drivers were very good."
from USA
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The train time table
Train schedule; Ulaanbaatar to the South Destinations 2015- 2016
Directions Train numbers Leave date & time Arrival date & timePrice
1/2 class2/4 class1/4 class
UB to Erlian No 22 Thursday, Sunday 20:00 Friday, Monday 10:25$45
UB to Erlian No 24, 04 Thursday, Sunday 07:15 Thursday, Sunday 21:00$116 $74 $99
UB to Erlian No 34 Monday, Friday 20:00 Tuesday, Saturday 10:25$116 $74 $99
UB to Jining No 24Thursday, Sunday 07:15Friday, Monday 05:47$157 $97 $132
UB to Jining No 34Monday, Friday 20:00Tuesday, Saturday 19:11$157 $97 $132
UB to Datung No 24, 04Thursday, Sunday 07:15Friday, Monday 07:59$167 $102 $142
UB to Beijing No 24, 04Thursday, Sunday 07:15Friday, Monday 14:04$193 $116 $163
UB to Beijing+1 No 24 Friday 07:15 Saturday 14: 04 $193 $116 $163
UB to Huhhot No 34Monday, Friday 20:00Tuesday, Saturday 21:28$164 $107 $147


+1 Additional train valid June 20- Oct 20, 2015

Train schedule; Ulaanbaatar to the North Destinations 2015- 2016
Directions Train numbers Leave date & time Arrival date & timePrice
1/2 class2/4 class1/4 class
UB to Naushki No 05 Tuesday, Friday 13:50Tuesday, Friday 19:14$58 $37
UB to Naushki No 03Thursday 13:50 Same day 19:14$59 $32 $44
UB to Naushki No 263Everyday 21:10Next day 07:45$29
UB to Ulan-Ude No 05 Friday 13:50 Saturday 02:39$86 $56
UB to Ulan-Ude No 263Everyday 21:10Next day 18:02$45
UB to IRK No 05 Friday 13:50Saturday 10:40$128 $85
UB to IRK No 263Everyday 21:10Next 2days 02:52$70
UB to Krasnoyarsk No 05Friday 13:50Sunday 03:54$192 $124
UB to Novosibirsk No 05 Friday 13:50Sunday 15:58$221 $142
UB to Moscow No 05 Friday 13:50Tuesday 13:58$359 $230
UB to Moscow No 03Thursday 13:50Monday 13:58$394 $225 $326
Train schedule; Out destination to Ulaanbaatar and to Moscow
Directions Train numbers Leave date & time Arrival date & timePrice
1/2 class2/4 class1/4 class
Beijing to UB No K23 Tuesday 07:47 Wednesday 13:20 $483 $308 $443
Beijing to UB No K03 Wednesday 07:47 Thursday 13:20 $483 $308 $443
Beijing to UB No K23 Saturday 07:47 Sunday 13:20 $474 $317 $443
Beijing to Moscow No K03 Wednesday 08:05 Monday 14:28 $1403 $873 $1284
Beijing to Moscow No k19 Saturday 23:00 Friday 18:13 $1497 $963
* UB - Ulaanbaatar
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