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Mongolia tours
Discovery Tours
Adventure Tours
Culture and Nature Tours

Discover Mongolia Tour
Beauty of Mongolia
Essential Mongolia Tour
Western Mongolia Highlights
Heart of Asia Tour
Friendly skies of Mongolia
Taste of Mongolia

Hiking & star watching tour
Karakorum horse riding tour
Mongolia fishing tour for Taimen
Genghis Khan's horse trekking
Camel trekking in Gobi desert
Mongolia motorcycle tour
Family Activity Holiday in Huvsgul
The Roof of Mongolia trek

Mongolia Naadam & Gobi tour
Mongolia bird watching tour
Introduction to Nomadic life
Wildlife viewing in Western Mongolia
Discover Nomadic lifestyle
Mongolian National Parks Tour
Genghis khan’s birthplace tour
Mongolia dinosaur tour
Mongolia monasteries tour

Day & Short tours

Ulaanbaatar city tour
Terelj National park and Ulaanbaatar city tour
13th century national park
Bogd Khan National Park Tour
Terelj + 13th century national park
Hustai National Park Tour
Amarbaysgalant Monastry Tour 2 Days
Hustai and Terelj National Park Tour
Mongolia Naadam Festival (July 10-12)
Bogd Khan Mt National Park + Trekking
Karakorum + Elsen Tasarkhai


Terelj + Hustai + 13th Century national park
Mongolian Gobi Tour
Snow & Ice Festival Ttour
Camel Festival Tour
Eagle Hunting Festival Tour
Terelj + Elsen Tasarkhai + Karakorum Tour
Huvsgul Lake National Park tour
Terelj + Hustai + Karakorum + Elsen Tasarkhai
Altai Mountain Tour
Central Mongolia

About Mongolia
General Info Culture & History Destinations & Attractions

Natural zone
Flora and fauna
Population & Language
Education & Health
Political system
Administrative units
Post & Communication

Mongolia history
Nomad lifestyle
Festivals & events
National dwelling “Ger”
National food & beverage
Traditional Clothes
Traditional music & songs
Toys and games
Mongolia art

Ulaanbaatar city
Outside the City
Central Mongolia
Northern Mongolia
Mongolian South Gobi
Eastern Mongolia
Western Mongolia

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