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Mongolia Domestic Flights

Mongolia is a huge country and the best way to travel to some of the more remote places may well be to use domestic flights. There are several different airlines, including MIAT, Eznis, and Aero Mongolia, which fly from Ulaanbaatar to Bayan-Olgii (eagle hunting and Altai Mountains), Moron (Lake Huvsgul) and Dalanzadgad (Gobi Desert), among other places.

As summer time is our busy season, we recommend you to book domestic flights as early as possible. It is almost impossible to get domestic air ticket when you arrive in Mongolia as seats get booked up very quickly. By making early plans we should be able to book a fast and convenient domestic air ticket for you.

Please fill out the inquiry form with your requirements and we will contact you with a quote for flights. Tickets can be sent to you by mail or collected from our office when you get to Ulaanbaatar. The following domestic airline schedule will help you to find plan your journey in Mongolia. Please check the complete schedule by the airlines or town name. All times are local.
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Over-booking of flights takes place during mid-July and sometimes despite having tickets, people don’t get seats on the plane. In Ulaanbaatar this does not usually happen but other confusions do play some major roles in flight miscommunications. local flisht schedule Mongolia
Monika Misslbeck-Slote
"Dear Oyunaa,
Thank you so much for upgrading my hotel. The room was very comfortable. Miss Hishi and the driver, Mr. Damdin, were very good companions and I learned a lot from Miss Hishi. Also, the trip to the South Gobi was a wonderful experience. It was very well organized. Thanks a lot. I will definitely recommend your travel agency!"
from Deutsch
Judy Jackson
"Hello Oyunaa
The tour was wonderful. Everything worked out fine and just as planned. I will be happy to recommend Discover Mongolia and we plan to come back again next year! My only suggestion is that we should have had a four wheel drive vehicle for Elsen Tasarhai. We had a little problem in the sand and could not drive everyplace. The guides were great, especially Hishi in UlaanBataar, and the drivers were very good."
from USA
Mongolia Airlines

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Domestic flights to/from:

   Altai (Gobi- Altai),
   Donoi (Uliastai),
   Dalanzadgad (South Gobi),
   Murun (Huvsgul)
   Ulgii (Bayan- Ulgii),
   Ulaangom (Uvs),
   Hovd (Khovd)
   Choibalsan (Dornod)

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Domestic flights to/from:

   Altai (Gobi Altai)
   Choibalsan (Dornod)
   Dalanzadgad (South Gobi),
   Donoi (Uliastai)
   Hovd (Khovd)
   Karakorum (Uvurkhangai)
   Murun ( Huvsgul)
   Ulgii (Bayan- Ulgii)
   Ulaangom (Uvs)

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