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Gobi desert, Mongolia, Benedict Allen
I once walked 3,000 miles through Mongolia, from the icy upland margins of Siberia, where I acquired a string of horses and a slightly drunken horseman, Kermit, who didn't speak a word of English. Then it was on with him through the dry grassland steppe, acquiring camels to carry baggage. After several months padding along under those great blue skies, with skylarks apparently forever overhead, came the great test: six weeks alone across...

Discover Mongolia ( has an eight-day camel trek through the Gobi desert from $1,829, excluding flights and visa
As Mongolia Changes, the Past Is Still Present
IT was our third day in Mongolia. We were just setting out on a trail ride across the hills — a lazy, ambling exercise designed for children and grandparents — when we witnessed our teenage guide turn into ... well, I don’t know how else to describe it. A spirit. One of his...

We booked our trip through Discover Mongolia (, which arranged a three-day tour of the park and the capital city for $420 per person, including all meals, lodging and transportation. But when we arrived at the camp the first night, we were so enchanted that we rearranged our plans to stay longer.
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Scottish-born and raised Alison Betts is senior lecturer in West Asian archeology at the University of Sydney. She has worked on field projects in Syria and Jordan, specialising in prehistory and the archeology of nomadic pastoralists. Her interests include stone tools, rock art and graffiti, nomadic peoples and ethno-archeology.For the past decade, she has worked as a tour guide with Odyssey Travel.

They allowed me to hold one of the eagles, the best experience yet. More: Discover Mongolia Travel;
The best time to travel to Mongolia is June to September Mobile Version Mongolia travel agency and tour oprator Mongolia Travel 蒙古旅遊, 蒙古旅遊 モンゴル旅行、 モンゴル旅行 Mongolei Reisen Mongolei Reisen Монголия путешествия Монголия путешествия
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