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(2013-02-15)   By M.ZOLJAGRAL, UB POST
Tsagaan sar, Mongolian Lunar New Year, The most pleasant time of the year The most pleasant time of the year for most Mongolians is Tsagaan Sar (Traditional Mongolian Lunar New Year). It is particularly pleasant for our domestic food manufacturers as they are busiest at this time. Food manufacturing businesses are generally successful in our country as there are many celebrations and holidays that revolve around food. Singers and bands also earn good amounts during the New Year celebrations.
Tsagaan sar, Mongolian Lunar New Year, The most pleasant time of the yearTsagaan Sar is the holiday on which Mongolian citizens spend the most money. According to rough estimates, we Mongolians spend approximately 716 billion MNT (around 511 million USD) for this holiday, which is around 5.7 % of the Mongolian Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Many have been critical in the past of the massive imports from China of goods as gifts for the holiday, but in recent years Tsaagan Sar has brought greater economic advantages to domestic manufacturers and enterprises.

Tsagaan sar, Mongolian Lunar New Year, The most pleasant time of the yearThough there is much discussion about whether it is right to celebrate Tsagaan Sar winter or not, the holiday spirit has already filled the air of Mongolia. The elderly are lining up at the banks to get pension loans while the youth are working hard to get overtime pay so they can afford to prepare well and celebrate this traditional national holiday. The average household spends at least 1 million MNT for the holiday, which lasts for four days. Below is a “Household Budget” that lists the major things Mongolians buy before Tsagaan Sar or use during the holidays, and the prices of these items.

Tsagaan Sar: The most pleasant time of the year (2013-02-15)
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