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Mongolian camel festival, Camel Race and Camel Polo Camel Polo Championships changed its venue shifting from original Gobi provinces. There are some petroglyphs of ancient times shows the 13th century Mongolians used to practice camel polo games. This years games was held Chingiss Khan’s statue complex at Tsonjin Boldog. There were camel herders who brought there camels all the way from 1000 km away Bayanhongor, Umnu-Govi, Dorno-Govi provinces to test their camels potentials. Over all 150 camels from 20 different sum’s of 6 provinces came to participate.
Mongolian camel festival, Camel Race and Camel PoloThe Minister Mr.Battugla of Ministry of Agricultural and Industrial has stated that: Mongolian government has concentrated on plans for herders for over long time. This is one the few management activaties for decreasing number of camels in the last few years. This is the 10th Anniversary of Camel Polo. Camel number has reached 900 thousand in 1950; however the numbers have fallen to 200 thousand by 2002 which there are about 300 thousand camels today. So we have to organize activities to help the population of the camels. And this is one of them.

Mongolia camel festival, Camel Race and Camel PoloTs.Oyungerel of Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism has said that she would like to express her gratitude to the herders who came to show strength and endurance of their two humped camles. The camels you are protecting and looked after are one of the main assets of tourism in Mongolia. We have decided to make camel polo a national brand with the collaboration of Camel Polo Association NGO and Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

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