Mongolian flora and fauna

.Mongolia has a very diverse and distinctive flora and fauna, which represent a mixture of species from the northern taiga of Siberia, the steppe, and the deserts of Central Asia. Many of them are unique to Mongolia and largely unknown to the rest of the world.

Flowering Plants:

mongolian plants

The largest families flowering plants in Mongolia. There are registered 3000 species of flowering plants. 975 species are registered as medicinal plants which are used in folk and traditional medicine of Mongolia and boundary countries, including 200 species which are used in modern medicine.

Mammals in Mongolia

Russian and European researchers started studyinMongolia travelling information: Mongolian flora and faunag Mongolian wildlife, especially mammals, in the early 19 th century. The training of Mongolian wildlife researchers started in the early 1950s.In Mongolia exists 138 species mammals. There are 32 species of rare very rare and endemic species of Central Asia, but also Mongolia, 8 species of amphibians and mollusks spread across the vast territory of the country.

Mongolian birds and insects

457 different species of birds belonging to 200 genera, 60 families of 19 orders registered. 81 species birds permanently live during the four seasons, while others migrate.

Insects in Mongolia

Entomological research started in 1960's in the Mongolia and for the past 40 years, Russian Polish and other countries scientists have worked on Mongolia. Results of this research, over 12500 species of insects have been recorded in Mongolia, and over 2000 species have been initial discoveries in the world.

Fish of Mongolia

Since in 1954 fish has been exploited in Mongolia. There are 75 species of 43 types, 13 families, 8 groups, 2 classes fishes live in rivers and lakes of Mongolia. There are 33 species of fish for fishing tour and sport fishing in our rivers and lakes. There are also represented 875 funguses; 300species of Microorganisms have been registered in Mongolia.

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